A band who is capable of creating an instant shock wave by combining their dynamic guitars and heavy drums with the powerful voice of mister Franky Teti.Their sound - a mix of different genres such as metal, grunge and rock - is inspired by their very own heroes from the nineties.


Since the beginning in 2008, Image 11 has grown out to be a live act which never fails to rock the stage. Because of their fresh but recognizable sound, the band always finds a way to fit into the modern rock landscape.


In 2011 the band started working with the recording studio "Recall" and they proudly presented their own EP containing 6 songs.


Timezone Records discovered the band in 2012 and decided to label the EP and released it in Germany! This record is also available on ITunes, be sure to check it out!


Thanks to an investment in their own recording studio, they can now focus on writing new and powerful songs.


Voice: Franky Teti

Guitars: Dave Kelchtermans and Raoul Renette

Bass: Vincent Wysmans

Drums: Danny Vanhoudt